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International student health insurance Spain

For foreign students studying in Spain
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International student health insurance Spain

Which student health insurance is required for Spain student visa ?


Health insurance in Spain is mandatory during the entire duration of your studies.


Non EU/EEA nationals (third country nationals)

Third-country students are those whose nationality is from a country outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area.


Third-country students must provide insurance accepted by the Spanish consulates before arriving in Spain.


The insurance must cover the entire duration of the stay in Spain.

Studies shorter than 90 days

Students studying in Spain for less than  90 days do not need to apply for a student visa. A short-stay Schengen visa may be required depending on the nationality.

Studies longer than 90 days


Students studying in Spain for more than 90 days need to apply for a student visa. The visa is available for studies, training, internships, volunteer work, au pairs, or teaching assistants.

There are different insurance requirements from the Embassy/Consulate of Spain:

Student insurance with limitations of coverage

The insurance has limitations on the coverage. It covers you in case of an emergency when you are studying abroad. You need to check with the Embassy or Consulate for the insurance requirements first and then apply for the suitable product. 


Comprehensive student insurance with unlimited coverage

Many Embassies or Consulates require comprehensive health insurance that fulfills the following:
  • public or private health insurance coverage provided by an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain
  • cover all the risks insured by Spain's public health system
  • no deductible, no co-payment, no limitation, no waiting period and with immediate entitlement
  • Valid during the entire time of the stay in Spain
Private student health insurance is highly recommended because it provides you not only the essential medical coverage required for a study visa but also travel and assistance benefits, including: 
  • Travel assistance outside of Spain
  • Repatriation to your home country
  • Repatriation of mortal remains


EU/EEA Nationals

Students from EU/EEA countries can request in their home country the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Thanks to this card, EU/EEA nationals can benefit from the same cover as locals by the Spanish state healthcare system.


Attention :

The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover travel protection, search and rescue, repatriation to the home country, emergency dental treatments, assistance etc. Private insurance is highly recommended in Spain also for EU/EEA nationals during the entire stay in Spain.